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This application contains 3091 records (2426 speeches, 391 interviews, 249 press conferences, 16 blog posts, 9 ECB Podcasts), released between 1997-02-07 and 2020-09-27, and provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

Speeches for : Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell where "crossborder" appeared

2010-04-19 : Address on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the Euro Exhibition at the Banque centrale du Luxembourg
2009-12-02 : Thinking small first - how does it apply to the financing conditions and payments of small and medium-sized enterprises?
2009-11-23 : The Progress of Migration to SEPA
2009-10-13 : Payments are becoming European
2009-09-09 : A single market for cards: the missing piece in the SEPA puzzle
2009-07-06 : Implementing SEPA: our expedition to a fully integrated euro retail payment market
2009-05-19 : The new financial architecture and the role of Europe
2009-05-06 : Ten years of the euro: Successes and challenges in light of the current financial market developments
2009-03-16 : The Quest for the Holy Grail? - European Financial Integration: Achievements and Hurdles
2008-11-17 : Enhancing infrastructures for the EU financial market
2008-10-27 : Do you SEPA? The ECB's point of view
2008-09-12 : Priorities for EU infrastructures and prospects of transatlantic infrastructures
2008-09-03 : Speech at the EPC Coordination Committee offsite meeting in Château-de-Limelette
2008-06-18 : Towards an integrated securities market - The TARGET2-Securities project
2008-06-16 : Speech at the International Bankers' Club
2008-06-09 : Central banks, liquidity and a changing financial market infrastructure
2008-04-21 : High-level panel: Improving the efficiency and integration of post-trading arrangements in Europe
2008-04-17 : Corporates in the Single Euro Payments Area: Business as usual?
2008-04-15 : Building and preserving trust - Challenges for the financial community
2007-11-30 : TARGET2-SECURITIES Gains from integrating the European post-trade infrastructure - the case for T2S
2007-11-12 : Opening remarks Payments and monetary and financial stability
2007-10-08 : SEPA - three months to go and full steam ahead?
2007-09-27 : TARGET2-Securities: A big win for European integration
2007-05-15 : The new SEPA landscape from vision to reality (and back)
2007-05-08 : Making SEPA a reality - Involving the public sector in the Single Euro Payments Area
2007-05-07 : Financial integration, modernisation and competitiveness in Europe: achievements and challenges
2007-05-03 : Modernising payments: 'no pain - no gain'
2007-03-23 : Regulatory framework and payment systems issues
2007-03-12 : The competitiveness of European financial markets. An economic framework for effective policy-making
2007-02-13 : The European Central Bank's view on SEPA
2006-12-18 : Dinner speech: TARGET2-Securities meeting with market participants
2006-11-30 : TARGET2-Securities: from vision to reality. The Eurosystem's contribution to an integrated securities market
2006-11-13 : Concluding remarks 'SEPA - Opportunities by Change'
2006-10-23 : Building the Future - Integrating Europe's Financial Sector
2006-07-17 : Preliminary Findings of the Retail Banking Sector Inquiry
2006-06-15 : ABI-SWIFT 'SPIN 2006' Conference on 'The drivers of change: regulation versus competition'
2006-06-09 : Drivers for change in payment and securities settlement systems
2006-06-07 : What is the outlook for the Single European Payments Area (SEPA)?
2005-11-15 : SEPA: making the dream become a reality
2005-10-28 : Global Financial Markets 2015: looking ahead - Ten theses - Liechtenstein Dialogue, Liechtenstein
2005-10-21 : Regulation, Competition and Integration in EU banking: What Drives Performance? - Revisiting Freiburg -
2005-10-14 : Single market for financial services - vision or reality?
2005-09-30 : Press briefing: Presentation of indicators of financial integration in the euro area
2005-06-17 : Introductory remarks on the euro and European financial integration, at the ECB Workshop “What effects is EMU having on the euro area and its member countries?”
2005-05-06 : Interchange in a changing market: Observations from the euro area perspective
2005-03-01 : Integration and efficiency in collateral markets - a central bank perspective
2004-09-06 : Time to act: clear objectives and a convincing roadmap for the Single Euro Payments Area
2004-05-11 : Speech at the ECB-CFS Symposium 'The Role of the ECB in Financial Integration'
2003-11-11 : The role of institutions in the financial system