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This application contains 3087 records (2424 speeches, 389 interviews, 249 press conferences, 16 blog posts, 9 ECB Podcasts), released between 1997-02-07 and 2020-09-20, and provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

Speeches for : Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Paramo where "country" appeared

2012-05-18 : Completing the euro project: The day after tomorrow
2011-11-25 : Sovereign contagion in Europe
2011-09-16 : Address at the opening ceremony of the Euro Exhibition
2011-06-10 : How will historians judge our handling of this crisis?
2011-05-12 : The European Union and the Lessons from the Crisis: The Way Forward
2011-03-10 : Speech on the occasion of the inauguration of the Euro Exhibition at Banca Naţională a României
2007-01-15 : Welcome to the euro, farewell to the tolar
2006-11-30 : The enlargement of the euro area
2006-09-18 : Statistics for the international financial system
2006-09-15 : Fiscal policies and financial markets in EMU
2006-06-09 : Central Banks and Global Imbalances: Introduction to the round table
2006-05-05 : The Revised Stability and Growth Pact: is it working?
2005-10-13 : The reform of the Stability and Growth Pact: an assessment
2005-09-19 : Regional divergence in the euro area
2005-05-23 : Inflation differentials in the euro area
2005-01-28 : Financial integration and economic growth. Lessons from the European experience. Foro Chile - Unión Europea Fundación Euroamérica
2004-11-11 : Fiscal and monetary policy in EMU