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This application contains 3091 records (2426 speeches, 391 interviews, 249 press conferences, 16 blog posts, 9 ECB Podcasts), released between 1997-02-07 and 2020-09-27, and provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

Speeches for : Otmar Issing where "common" appeared

2006-03-16 : Dinner speech. Monetary policy: a journey from theory to practice - an ECB colloquium held in honour of Otmar Issing
2006-02-24 : Europe's Hard Fix: The Euro Area
2005-05-31 : The euro and European financial market integration
2005-05-20 : One size fits all! A single monetary policy for the euro area
2004-10-22 : EU enlargement and monetary integration
2004-09-28 : Contribution to the Roundtable Discussion on ‘Strengthening Economic Governance' at the Conference on ‘EMU and Economic Governance' organised by DG ECFIN and GOPA
2002-07-05 : Some reflections on handling monetary policy in a global environment
2001-10-17 : The challenge for monetary policy: a European perspective
2001-02-23 : Economic and Monetary Union in Europe: political priority versus economic integration?
2000-10-26 : Should we have faith in central banks?
2000-06-26 : Communication challenges for the ECB
1999-05-27 : Hayek - currency competition and European Monetary Union