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This application contains 3159 records (2464 speeches, 412 interviews, 251 press conferences, 19 blog posts, 13 ECB Podcasts), released between 1997-02-07 and 2021-01-16 - new items from: Isabel Schnabel ; the webapp provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

Speeches for : Jean-Claude Trichet where "challenges" appeared

2011-10-24 : Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow: a vision for Europe
2011-10-21 : Towards a more integrated Europe: Challenges ahead for the euro area and Central and Eastern Europe
2011-09-28 : Interview with Corriere della Sera
2011-09-23 : Preventing spillovers on the global economy
2011-09-15 : Intervention at the Eurofi Financial Forum 2011
2011-06-19 : The euro area and its role in the global economy
2011-06-02 : Building Europe, building institutions
2011-05-28 : Interview with Aachener Zeitung on the occasion of the awarding of the 2011 International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen
2011-05-15 : Interview with El País
2011-05-05 : Monetary policy in uncertain times
2011-04-04 : La gouvernance de la zone euro
2011-03-18 : Reforming EMU: time for bold decisions
2011-02-18 : Intellectual challenges to financial stability analysis in the era of macroprudential oversight
2011-02-16 : Interview with Die Zeit
2011-02-11 : The essence of Economic and Monetary Union
2011-01-07 : Economic and Monetary Union: What we have achieved and what we must do next
2010-12-13 : Introductory remarks at the International Club of Economic Journalists
2010-12-03 : Lessons from the crisis
2010-11-22 : Hearing before the plenary of the European Parliament on the occasion of the adoption of the EP resolution on the ECB's 2009 Annual Report
2010-11-13 : Reflections on EMU
2010-10-12 : Europe's frameworks for macro-prudential oversight and economic governance
2010-10-11 : Interview with special edition of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) on the Cultural Days of the ECB
2010-09-10 : Interview with Financial Times
2010-08-27 : Central banking in uncertain times: conviction and responsibility
2010-07-09 : Recovery, Reform and Renewal: Europe's economic challenge
2010-06-09 : European integration: the benefits of acting collectively
2010-04-29 : Keynote speech at the 9th Munich Economic Summit
2010-03-26 : An anchor of stability and confidence
2010-03-25 : Introductory statement before the Plenary of the European Parliament
2010-03-19 : Opening statement at the Commission Conference “Building a Crisis Management Framework for the Internal Market”
2010-02-09 : Commentary on “Fifty Years of Monetary Policy: What Have We Learned?” by Adam Cagliarini, Christopher Kent and Glenn Stevens
2009-12-10 : Systemic Risk
2009-11-28 : Shaping the future of global financial market regulation: Transcript of a short video interview
2009-06-22 : Supporting the financial system and the economy: key ECB policy actions in the crisis
2009-06-12 : Celebration of 130th Anniversary of the Bulgarian National Bank
2009-06-05 : The times of unprecedented challenges
2009-02-26 : The external and internal dimensions of Europe's competitiveness
2009-02-16 : Macroeconomic policies, imbalances and the need to avoid going back to the status quo ante
2009-02-16 : Interview with China Finance
2009-02-12 : Ten years of the euro: successes and challenges
2009-01-13 : The euro@10: achievements and responsibilities
2008-12-30 : Interview with the Börsen-Zeitung
2008-12-23 : Interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
2008-12-15 : Interview with the Financial Times
2008-12-08 : Remarks on the financial turmoil
2008-11-26 : Interview to Al-Ahram
2008-11-21 : 18th Frankfurt European Banking Congress
2008-11-12 : The Eurosystem team at ten years
2008-09-15 : Ehrenplaquette of the city of Frankfurt am Main - awarding ceremony
2008-06-02 : Address at the ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of the European Central Bank and the European System of Central Banks
2008-05-12 : The governance of globalisation
2008-04-28 : Toward the First Decade of Economic and Monetary Union - Experiences and Perspectives
2008-04-10 : Introductory statement with Q&A
2008-04-03 : Award of the Grand Cross 1st class of the Order of Merit by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany
2008-02-15 : Structural reforms for the European economy
2007-11-26 : The growing importance of emerging economies in the globalised world and its implications for the international financial architecture
2007-11-08 : The emergence of China in the global economy: A European perspective
2007-10-08 : Economic Management in a Large Currency Zone like the Euro Area
2007-09-29 : Reflections on the international financial architecture
2007-07-20 : How can we increase growth potential in Europe?
2007-06-11 : Hearing at the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament
2007-06-04 : The need for structural reforms in Europe
2007-05-22 : Introductory remarks at ETUC Congress
2007-05-18 : Interview with the Financial Times and the Financial Times Deutschland
2007-05-11 : The current state of European financial integration
2007-05-09 : Towards the review of the Lamfalussy approach: Market developments, supervisory challenges and institutional arrangements
2007-04-17 : Closing remarks at the conference organised by the European Commission and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York 'The euro and the dollar: pillars in global finance'
2007-04-16 : The International Financial Architecture - Where do we stand?
2006-05-22 : Structural reforms in Europe
2006-05-11 : Two successes of the euro: the single monetary policy and European financial integration
2006-05-05 : The development of euro area statistics from an ECB perspective
2006-05-05 : EMU after seven years: Successes and challenges
2006-04-24 : Why Europe needs structural reforms
2006-04-11 : Interview with Yediot Ahronot
2006-03-30 : EMU and the euro: successes and challenges
2006-02-27 : Looking at EU and euro area enlargement from a central banker's angle: the views of the ECB
2005-10-10 : The euro area economy: determinants of growth, competitiveness and the need for structural reforms
2005-06-21 : Reflections on the international financial system
2005-05-31 : Press briefing on the ECB Financial Stability Review - June 2005
2005-05-30 : The European economy: current situation, prospects, challenges
2005-04-09 : The challenges of economic and financial integration in the enlarged Europe
2005-03-09 : Economic and financial integration in EMU and implications for monetary and economic policies
2005-01-14 : The euro ; successes and challenges
2005-01-13 : Introductory statement with Q&A
2004-12-06 : The integration of the single market for financial services: the Eurosystem perspective
2004-11-29 : South Eastern European Challenges and Prospects
2004-11-19 : Euro in wider circles
2004-10-27 : EU Enlargement: challenges and opportunities
2004-10-25 : Presentation of the ECB's Annual Report 2003 to the European Parliament
2004-10-22 : Third ECB Central Bank conference on ‘The new EU Member States: convergence and stability' in Frankfurt, 21 and 22 October Concluding remarks
2004-09-20 : Arthur Burns Memorial Lecture on “The transformation of the International Financial Architecture to meet the challenges of globalisation”
2004-06-03 : Dinner Speech
2004-05-25 : Joint Eurosystem - Bank of Russia Seminar, Helsinki
2004-05-13 : Current challenges for the ECB: sustainable non-inflationary growth and financial stability
2004-05-05 : The current state of the EU banking sector
2004-04-26 : Issues in monetary policy: views from the ECB
2004-04-23 : European Priorities: an ECB perspective
2004-03-05 : Paris Seminar on the EU accession process: Concluding remarks
2004-01-29 : The challenges for the European economy in 2004
2004-01-15 : Euro-Mediterranean Seminar Eurosystem and Mediterranean country national banks: Welcome remarks
2003-11-26 : Financial stability
2003-11-06 : Introductory statement with Q&A