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Aims: see the link above (the main page explaining the concept), i.e. to "democratize access to data".

Each "case" will contain a different "shape", or "source"- in some cases with data analysis and visualizations.

Whenever there will an interim database to "distill" information from the source, it will be on Github, to enable further reuses without the need to reprocess the source data (sources will be always acknowledged and data tranformations and formatting documented).

Case 0: accessing a structured book

In this first case, the purpose is to enable access to a book both as designed by the author, and through concepts as revealed by a tag cloud:

Cloud search

Welcome to an experimental tag-based search, applied to the content currently available on BusinessFitnessMagazine.

The material? A reprint (updated in 2013) of the online e-zine on change that I published between 2003 and 2005 (the e-zine was in Italian and English, as it was part of my "return home" roadmap; in 2005 decided otherwise, hence the temporary stop).

The magazine is again online since late July 2018, and new material will be available from September.

The concept of this tag-cloud navigation test is simple: the tag cloud that you see on the left-hand side contains the most common tags across all the book.

When you select a tag within the cloud, you will see the sections that contain those keywords between their most common (by clicking on the links then shown, you will land on the relevant page within the magazine).

Otherwise, you can just select a single link to a chapter on the left, and the "standard" presentation page will be shown.

You can use it both on desktop and mobile devices.

As this is, for the time being, an experiment, all the software and content used to produce the pages is offline.

At the end of the experimental phase, gradually more material will be accessible with the same approach, across both the books and the thousand of pages (now offline) that I published as essays or posts online since 2007.

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