Multi-course curricula completed since 2019

20190424 Digital Transformation Track on (SAP Leonardo-Enabling/IoT/Blockchain, Machine Learning, Information Security)

20200203 Elements of AI, University of Helsinki/Reaktor

20200318-20210311 16 AI hands-on minicourses on Kaggle (some with multiple editions, done each edition)

20210311 Cybersecurity Basics - Exam on (basics of cryptography, encryption, identity management, attacks, malware, protective measures)

20220803 Scrum Master Certification, LearnQuest via Coursera

20220810 Product Ideation, Design, and Management, University of Maryland via Coursera

20220821 The Materiality of ESG Factors, Wharton University of Pennsylvania via Coursera

20220901 Finance for Startups, KAIST via Coursera

20220913 Google Cloud Digital Leader Training, GoogleCloud via Coursera

20220915 AI Product Management, Duke University via Coursera

20220920 Decentralized Finance (DeFi): The Future of Finance, Duke University via Coursera

20221231 AI for Business Specialization, University of Pennsylvania via Coursera

20230203 Compliance Specialization, University of Pennsylvania via Coursera

20230304 Programa Especializado en Gerencia de Proyectos Complejos by Universidad de los Andes on Coursera

20230317 Engineering Project Management Specialization, Rice University via Coursera

20230321 Cost Accounting Specialization, Technische Universität München (TUM) via Coursera

20230404 Microsoft Project 2019: Beginner to Advanced by Simon Sez IT Inc. via Udemy

20230405 Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization, Macquarie University via Coursera