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Any change is cultural change: also if you just switch physical tools in a manufacturing plant, or a software in your finance department, or a process or timeline, you are "importing" the culture embedded within those "tools".

Sometimes you have to dig deeper to identify the "embedded culture", sometimes is presented as a "manifesto", but it is there.

At least, this is my experience since 1986, and even before in politics and while serving in the Army: frankly, it might be my personal interest and background in studying cultures and how they express, but I still have to find something that, when assembled in a presentation or delivery, does not "embed" a culture.

This site used to be a commercial activity- it is now a "knowledgeshare".

The knowledge shared through this website will be clearly listed as "experience" or "review": the former being articles or essays based on experience and observation-based analysis, the latter commentary on material published elsewhere, with the links to the original source (or an online bookstore, if not even the abstract of the material is accessible for free online).

Source of the "experience" side? Since mid-1990s, not just helping to kick-start, but also to negotiate with potential partners and investors, in various European countries.

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From 2018 the publication activities included videos released via the ChangeTheRuleBook channel

From April 25th 2021 you can follow the evolutions of the publishing activities on @changerulebook

You can also read articles focused on business cultural and organizational change within the following sections of the main website:
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For more information on my approach to change, you can have a look at the fictional case study published 2015-2018 in support to the book #QuPlan.

For published mini-books on cultural, organizational, and technological change you can visit this page

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