, change with&without technology

Are you afraid of change? A moderate fear of change is useful: as change does not happen in a vacuum.

Beside thinking, organizing, planning, executing change- you have to keep constantly motivated all those involved, moving beyond the mere, traditional "stakeholder management".

Communication is an integral part of change management: therefore, PR stands for both "panta rei" (everything evolves) and communication.

The knowledge shared through this website since 2008 differentiates between "experience" and "review": the former being articles or essays based on experience- and observation-based analysis, the latter commentary on material published elsewhere, with links to the original source (or an online bookstore, if not even an abstract of the material is accessible for free online).

Source of the "experience" side? Since February 1990, working in various European countries on the integration of process re-engineering, IT, and communication within organizational&technological change, with management, negotiation, and auditing of both activities and suppliers, in English, French, Italian (and occasionally other languages).

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