business and partnership/startup development

Are you considering starting a new company or expanding your activity?

Sometimes, adding a partner is sensible shorcut- sometimes, it is the fastest path to downsizing.

It is not a matter just of creating a business and marketing plan, or a set of presentation and marketing materials (online and offline).

You have also to create the right chemistry between your team members: and be able to have a coherent team to present to partners and investors- it is a matter of formal and informal cooperation.

What is formal cooperation? Of course, when you negotiate, deal assemble a partnership- purpose oriented or structural, doesn't matter.

What is informal cooperation? In change, an assessment often involves both collecting information, and looking for sources (from "best practices", to case studies, to "lateral thinking" by accessing material apparently not specifically for your domain).

This site used to be a commercial activity- it is now a "knowledgeshare".

The knowledge shared through this website will be clearly listed as "experience" or "review": the former being articles or essays based on experience and observation-based analysis, the latter commentary on material published elsewhere, with the links to the original source (or an online bookstore, if not even the abstract of the material is accessible for free online).

Source of the "experience" side? Since mid-1990s, not just helping to kick-start, but also to negotiate with potential partners and investors, in various European countries.

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