Privacy & Your copyright

The privacy policy is really simple.

If you provide your e-mail address (because you fill a contact form, or register), or post comments, or other information- it will not be disclosed to third parties, unless with your own consent.

Any material that you will be posting here will be subject to Creative Commons for Attribution licensing- in a nutshell, any reuse or derivative work will be free, but you will be referenced.

Moreover, if you decide to have the information that you posted on this site (comments, articles, new material) removed- it is your choice.

And if we will produce summaries etc- your material will not be reproduced, unless you provide the consent.

In case you prefer your material posted here not to be re-used elsewhere, we will reference to the original posting, but we will not copy of quote your material.

Anyway- by posting you assume that you have the authority to disclose, divulge, or anyway provide what you provide.

If, subsequently, you will be shown not have had such authority at the time of your posting, or your authority will be challenged, you will maintain full responsibility, including for any costs that we will have to sustain to refer to you any challenge, including but not limited to DMCA.

Sorry for the legalese- but you know it.