Just a sample…

Yes, just 8 posts- but actually since 2008 (since January 2007 if you count my test also on stage6.divx.com), I posted more than 500.

As I am preparing few new publications, therefore I will resurrect some.

I plan to share here eventually those posts that were closer to essays.

Sometimes really short ones (e.g. when, as an experiment, I posted only 500-word-long posts), sometimes quite long (e.g. around 10,000 words), and sometimes so long that… I had to split a post into a series of 5,000+ word-long posts.

And, quite often, some posts contained a review of current and past events discussing potential evolutions.

“Gotcha!” rate? Not too bad- but you should ask those who read them in the past.

Meanwhile, just a few.

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