A corollary to the laws of human stupidity

In the line of “A theory of Justice”, any human society has an unknown element of fairness embedded deep into the reptile brain 😉

Am I talking about the weird sexual habits of some humans? No…

Something more basic- something that every human can achieve…

You know about stupidity- but usually (not necessarily), stupidity goes along with ignorance.

Stupidity and ignorance are probably the most democratic features of human societies: anybody can achieve them, no background checking, wealth, inheritance, social status bar any human from being stupid or ignorant 🙂

and the more ignorant somebody is, the less (s)he believes to be

fascinating 😀

moreover, the more ignorant you are, the more you need to keep pestering everybody on details that you know 😀 😀 😀

what do I know? that no matter how many languages I will learn, how many books I will read and how many documents and studies I will research and keep ghost-writing, how many places I will visit.

the more I learn, the more that simple, essential, aesthetically supreme two-word sentence will stand true: “scio nescire”- I know that I do not know 😀

when you learn something, remember that maybe sharing that knowledge with everybody you meet could be irrelevant to the on-going communication 😀

PS you wordsmiths out there: I know that there are few typos here and there, but I hate the spelling checkers 😀

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