A corollary to the corollary… IQ & naiveté

So, let’s say that you are a member of a club.

And let’s say that this club is famous for a specific characteristic.

And that the thing you hate the most, is when members of the club use their membership as proof that they deserve to be worshipped 😉

Suddenly, a business organization finds a way to pamper the ego of few managers and, pronto, they can claim to have a worldwide network of skilled people: without anybody asking anyone if they agreed 🙁

The club? Mensa

The organization? the licensing agent of Mensa, Leveraged Marketing Corporation of America

The new service? For Mensans, it is www.discovermensaprocess.com, for prospects, www.mensaprocess.com

And the (former?) president of LMCA is now chairman of MensaProcess 😉 So, he found his way of expanding his own business without building a network

Why I do complain? Because I do not like this kind of “leverage”: I signed for a club, and I could accept a shared community to deliver pro bono policy advice to not-for-profit organizations and institutions, but I do not like this hijacking

If I involve somebody in something, I agree on the terms- I do not consider them my property

It is funny- somebody who was there at the founding of Mensa years ago told me over dinner that the revolutionary idea of Mensa was to create a club that did not restrict membership to people coming from the “right” background, but for something that was assumed to be more “democratic”, that you could not buy

Since I entered Mensa in 1989 I met around Europe and US many Mensans who set up shop with other Mensans.

And I too share some activities with some Mensans- but we do not claim that we represent all the Mensans or that we can provide access to the network: because this is at best misleading advertisement, as nobody signed for that when they signed for Mensa 🙂

From the Mensa Process website, under “network”:

The Best Brains In The Business
Who do you wish you had on your team? We’ll put them there. The brightest minds in business, healthcare, finance, and consumer package goods. Because of our access to Mensa members around the world, we can select the team of experts that is best suited to your specific challenge, based on location, industry experience, or other variables.

One of the keys to our success is our ability to create teams with the right mix of brainpower and creativity — diversity that will take you far beyond the usual thinking. We’ll add creative catalysts such as brilliant artists, architects, writers, or other innovative Mensa members to your brainstorming team. We’ve learned that unusual combinations of unusually intelligent people create unexpected results.

And, just to avoid any misunderstanding, one of the banners on discovermensaprocess.com says:

Twelve Mensans and seventeen opinions? Anywhere
Twelve Mensans and four hundred seventeen opinions? Only at the Mensa Process!

If you consider that the previous exploit of licensing included (http://www.salon.com/books/it/1999/10/08/mensa/) a guide to gambling… this is quite a jump forward 🙂

So, all the companies around that are mainly involving Mensans- I know that they will be happy to know that Mensa Process claims to be the only one able to do brainstorming 😀

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