A knowledge map

It looks like a blog, but this is an idea-sharing platform.

Focus? (new)media, politics, technology- and their impact on everyday personal and business life.

You can search to look at what is inside this blog, while more structured ideas (a.k.a. e-books) are presented on Slideshare (in some cases, available also on Amazon and Kindle).

As of 2018-03-17, only few of the first posts on various subjects (2007, originally published on stage6.divx.com and draugiem.lv), and the latest one (2018) on GDPR will be available, while 500+ more will be temporarily offline pending the website update.

Also: since January 2014, I expanded on previous online sharing experiments, and you can find on @robertolofaro a selection of news items that I select each morning from newspapers in few languages

As for my sources of inspiration… this is a long list, and a work in progress, but you have have a look at in within my LibraryThing profile (as both user and author).

Country readership as of End 2014