We at UHF are pleased to announce that yesterday, October 1st, we successfully deployed the first divisions of the protection force that we agreed to co-sponsor with the UN.

In keeping with the Hamster tradition, we do not announce- we deliver and then report.

In recognition of the risk that all the previous treaties on the Arctic and Antarctic will be revised or abandoned, UHF, on behalf of all the human-protecting so called "pets", sent an undisclosed number of divisions (including forces not visible) in each location, and we will claim for 7 years the territories as our own.

We will manage on the behalf and for the well being of all our human friends.

Therefore, while we will resist the flag-planting futile exercise for the time being, as we are there for your own good, our human friends, we will create a "virtual" presence from October 31st- online.

The main reason for our deployment is that we would like to help you enforce a shared-resource agreement: this is the only practical solution.

We are practical: we do not expect that vast expanse full of resources to be left untouched forever- therefore, we would like to "seed" a proper management, through our administration.

The North-West passage will be a open and common waterway, while prospecting applications will be managed by a trustee committee, that will collect proposed project for the next six months, before issuing licenses.

The first commercial offices open are:
  • UN at Geneva (not New York, in recognition of the international role of Geneva and for close liaising with UNHCR and other institution)
  • Hammerfest, Norway
  • Longyearbyen, Svalbard territory of Norway
  • Murmansk, Russia
  • Pevek, Russia
  • Anadyr, Russia
  • Cape Lisburne, Alaska territory of USA
  • Nome, Alaska territory of USA
  • Tuktoyaktuk, Canada
  • Alert, Canada
  • Thule, Greenland territory of Denmark

As we do not recognize any claim on Antarctica, the UN delegation will be charged with the relationship with any claimant country.

The technical details of our management approach are enclosed with this press release.

You can send you requests for issues to be solved by the Mighty Hamster to the "culturalwanderer" user on stage6 or, if you are not there, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also, the official e-mail address of the UHF is now This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In constant memory of the brave and never forgotten Hamsters that experimented the famous Hamster Sky Dive, we will keep this image. http://images.stage6.com/user_images/d/d_j/46adee9d27db2.jpg


Proceeds will be split according to a case-by-case basis, tailored to the specific investment plans provided by each applicant, as to ensure a proper return on investment.

10% of the profits will be re-invested in the operations, while 85% will be donated to UNHCR, in recognition of the ever increasing flow of humans unwillingly displaced.

The fixed costs of our Arctic+Antarctic will be kept at 1% of the profits, while the operational costs will have a target of 4% of profits, and will be allowed to raise to up 4% of the turnover on a temporary basis (no longer than 18 months).

Nonetheless, we Hamsters understand the meaning of human time-frames- so, we will not issue 3 years licenses for projects that require a 10 year investment plan, and whose break-even is 4 years.

In order to ensure proper management of the funds, the trustees will be subject to surprise audits and will be required to deliver a full disclosure of their assets for the 5 years prior to their enrollment, and 10 years after their termination.

The operational accounting for the management fund will be posted online, so that any human accountant can check that we Hamster manage resources according to the human International Accounting Standards.

Every six month the trustees will review the management reporting of each project, to anticipate any potential non-delivery issues.

After five years, we will negotiate for one year with the UN a joint Hamster-human oversight committee, so that we will be able to turn over a sustainable entity to our human friends.

Anyway, to avoid a repeat of the oil-for-food fund, we will keep our representative as a full-time negotiator on the committee, and any operational deliberation will be immediately released online.

Further announcements will be posted on November 1st at our virtual capital.