We at UHF are pleased to announce that yesterday, November 1st, we successfully started working with our new assignment from the UN- studying how to implement IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, http://www.ipcc.ch/) suggestions world-wide.

In keeping with the Hamster tradition, we do not announce- we deliver and then report.

UHF members will be scattered world-wide to ensure that a common knowledge of technologies and know-how is used everywhere- also where human consultants are not available.

The division of roles is as follows:
  • the humans will focus on setting up a trade exchange for pollution rights, that will basically say that poor countries will refrain from developing so that rich countries can keep partying
  • we will instead work at the local level in each location to educate people and business on how to improve the use of their resources, and develop without using the old technologies used by rich developed countries.

Why do you need to install telephone lines, when you can put in place antennas?

And why do you need to have everybody use a combustion-engine car, when you can promote public transport and an exchange of electrical cars?

A first laudable step in this direction is the start of a new company that will allow private electrical cars to use a battery exchange (see the article here), so that the cost of the batteries or time needed to recharge them does not discourage you from using an electric car.

Long ago, the ancient Romans were able to deliver a letter faster on horse than humans did until recently.

  1. by building and maintaining roads
  2. by setting up a series of exchange posts where horses were available for the incoming messengers.

So, our first step is helping humans go beyond the private-car ownership or existing city-based shared-car schemes. But only sharing knowledge allows society to advance.

So, one of our tasks will be to collect everywhere and everyday solutions and then help IPCC in maintaining a central database of solutions, so that anyone who plans, builds, restructure, buys, sells a property or a piece of equipment can have immediate access to the information (s)he needs, from a single source.

No matter how small or large your budget, you will have access to all the information about what worked in saving energy and reducing pollution.

You can send you requests for issues to be solved by the Mighty Hamster to the "culturalwanderer" user on stage6 or, if you are not there, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.