We at UHF have been constantly been reported by our siblings living between the humans that humans have quite unusual eating schemes.

Our way of exchanging information is way to complex to be converted into *any* human language, so we will use some simple explanation of cause and effect, giving you some sample hamster engineering solutions to help you
  • Cause: sitting on the couch while watching sport with a six-pack of beer and 2kg (4pounds) of pop-corn
  • Effect: the more you do it, the less able you are to raise and exercise once in a while, and therefore you start moving the six pack from beside the couch, to over your belly
  • Hamster solution: build a spinning wheel with a tv screen on and two feeding tubes for the beer and the popcord, that will open only as soon as you consume the calories introduced by the previous sip of beer or drop of pop-corn; you will get the sport-watching gratification while actually doing sport, and all that in your living room
  • Technical side effects: a minimal issue is that you will need to dispense with some furniture in your living room; but have you ever seen an hamster couch? or an hamster drinking a six-pack?

You will exercise constantly, and, as a side-effect for male humans, your cardio-circulatory system and muscles will be exercised- so, you will not need those blue pills ;-)