We at UHF have been watching with interest the release of the product called "Kindle" from Amazon- but with even more interest some more steps toward an international digital library.

Actually, our human collaborators have been reading for some time acrobat documents and book, also sold by Amazon, using their Pocket PCs.

Anyway, it seems interesting that the Amazon "innovators" are doing what the Japanese engineers did few years ago, and trying to replicate Apple iPod "lock the user" approach- when Apple is leaving it- we will never cease to get amazed at human "innovation by marketing" approach.

We prefer to innovate by creating something and we actually had something similar for some time- we got our inspiration from scrolls, and we call it digital scroll (see under the section UHFTechnology): no batteries, any text or acrobat goes, it seems like an ancient scroll- and works in the same way, and can read the most common format.

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