It seems that all comes to a common point: humans work together only in a time of crisis.

We at UHF are sometimes considering that humans could evolve a little bit from their reptilian brain, and move on.

As a starter, some human suggested to send in observers before the crisis start.

At least for elections, to help set the rules and organize the elections, instead of just watching the usual nightmare unfold.

Interesting proposition, but: who is going to be able to teach the others?

It seems to us at UHF that humans have a strange attitude- rules do apply, but only the ones that they set, and only to the others.

To us, a simple basic rule is that if you want to have independent observation, you need independent observers- people that do not represent a specific view, but a common view.

We still have to really observe that- and that's why at UHF decided that it was about time to move from offering UHF services to the UN, to offering coaching and training services.

Our aim? Help the humans to help themselves.

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