the stage6 in-house Mighty Hamster representative asked us to share with our human friends a commentary on recent news of course, "recent" in Hamster-time means something different than human time- in this case, the review, consideration, release took a full 2 hours from disclosure as usual, Hamster rules!

" Somebody finally come to terms that the future isn't inside boxes set on your desk.

We Hamsters are always pleased when somebody recognizes that our strategy of being small but everywhere wins over the one of being large in few places...

But we are more than pleased to see that, at last, that Somebody is keen to take one or few pages out of the practical approach we adopted here at stage6.

Moreover, more space and bandwidth is available here for free than they are planning to give.

So, it seems that between the Hamster-powered stage6 approach, the user-bandwidth-drain joost, and the stamp-size youtube, Somebody picked up only what reduces their costs if successful, without adding any reason to move there.

Therefore, we Hamsters hail a new competitor- hoping that soon they will add something to consider and share...

...instead of a latter-day patchwork of existing items from the business plan of other communities, adding up to no more than yet another attempt to set their own browser, server, development tool technology as "the" standard "