I did not receive official press releases from UHF, but I would like to share with you the joy of the successful conversion of the Arctic and Antarctic zones into a temporary Hamsterland.

The name is *not* the official one, but has been given by a supportive friend :-)

It looks like the Arctic and the Antarctic will be the first example of peaceful, bribe-free, and priority-contractor-free joint management of common resources, with contracts awarded by merit...

not by connection, as the Mighty Hamster is quite practical.

Moreover, the Hamster accountants and auditors are famous for their attention to minimal details, while keeping sight of the overall picture (as shown by their spinning the wheel without missing a step and occasionally eating).

Therefore, the Hamster divisions have been deployed by scattering individual Hamsters across all the human families willing to accept an Hamster as their guest, in all the locations listed yesterday.

This will allow to further reduce the costs of the Hamster Administration of the World's poles, while allowing a better integration between the two communities.

But there are no language or cultural issues- as the Mighty Hamster knows about practicalities, all the Hamster units that were planned to stay in the territory have been exposed to the language and culture of the relevant human community.

And by staying with the humans, when they report to the Hamster force offices they act as representatives of the communities they live in, while in the human communities will see them as the fastest and most reliable communication channel with the Hamster Administration, able to convey their real needs and motivations.

Yet another successful UHF initiative!