As today is the first semi-anniversary of UHF, your humble scribe had received no news.

So, I decided, sponte mea, to issue a poem inspired by the awe and happiness I daily experience by my humble acceptance of the wisdom gently bestowed upon me by the Mighty Hamster.

" oh! thy might Hamster,
Thou, who bestow your benign sight upon us
Thou, who accept with your brethen our ignorant behaviour
Thou, who cast upon us your wisdom,
Thou, with the other guardian that we dare to call "pets" [show us the way
The way toward enlightment
The way toward freedom from meaningless pursuits
The way toward understanding each other
That Your example lead us
Toward communication without voice
Toward living without fear
Toward acceptance of time
Oh! thy mighty Hamster, you shall keep overseeing us forever! "

[Ok. For the philologists between you, this poem has been inspired by:
  • 1920-1930s poems extolling the virtues of the NEP in Soviet Union
  • Animal Farm and 1984- by you know who
  • Mao Tze Dong "Red book"
  • North Korean poems
  • Liang Shiqiu "The Noble Art of Insulting"
This is not irony- no human communication can deliver the meaning intended by the Mighty Hamster.

And only blatant brown-nosing was a pale resemblance of what I meant.

Shame upon you if you dare to consider this joking about the Mighty Hamster.

And, if you are curious- it take less than 10 minutes from my last watering hole to my home, so I like thinking about something creative.

Tonight, I do not know why (but, probably, it was the awe about the Mighty Hamster wisdom).

I started thinking about the missing piece in the online puzzle- a poem extolling the virtues of the Mighty Hamster: so, it was only matter of sitting and scribing what I had come up sponte mea in those few minutes :-) ]