Yes, it is time for yet another announce from the United Hamster Front (UHF).

The sneak preview given by the human user d_j isn't a leak- but it is part of our controlled disclosure of a new initiative that will certainly increase the common wealth of both Hamsters and humans.

We at UHF, after taking control of the analogue airwaves and of stage6, identified a need of a protection force for our common interests.

Hence, we are proud to announce the creation of the Hamsters Peace Corps.

There are still some issues with Hamster Parachutes, but some brave and never forgotten Hamsters are currently experimenting with the famous Hamster Sky Dive...

...but from 3000 meters instead of 3 meters.

Rest assured that we will succeed in protecting you, human users, from malevolent attacks.

We will send our paratrooper crack teams and, soon, we will also have a Navy.

Yes, through an agreement with the US Congress sponsored by the DoD and the Navy, the base in San Diego will not be closed or reduced, but converted into an Hamster Navy Base- the first in the world.

Suppliers are invited to design new equipment for our Hamster Expeditionary Corps! Hamster Rules!