As readers of this blog know, I, aleph123, have been blessed with the role of human scribe translating UHF announces from Hamster "language" to human language, and humbly apply my fingers on the keyboard when requested by UHF (United Hamster Front).

And, yes!, they did it again!

As of September 2007, the UHF is again giving us an expected perspective on the respective roles of humans and Hamsters.

UHF discovered that on facebook some humans pretending to talk for the well-being of Hamsters were misleading other humans on their real role in the scheme of things.

To set the record straight, a new group has been created, and today the first issue of the monthly magazine, delivering drops of Hamster wisdom to humans, has been published.

Read an interesting UHF proposal on how to solve once and for all the six-pack problem and reduce the use of viagra.

Also, the UHF wanted to settle, once and for all, the ongoing discussion about "pets". No doubt, after this disclosure: pets, any kind of pets, have been around much longer than we humans, and are here to protect us from ourselves.

And after the successful preparation for moving a first detachment of the Hamster Peace Corps into San Diego Naval Base (see the sneak preview given by the human user d_j - part of UHF controlled disclosure), an agreement has been reached with the United Nations.

It is yet another initiative that will certainly increase the common wealth of both Hamsters and humans.

This is the official announce from UHF of the UN agreement:
" While humans talk about Hamster Hell,
We at UHF, after taking control of the analogue airwaves and of stage6,
constantly work to find ways to improve our cohabitation with humans.

We identified the need of a protection force for our common interests, resulting in the establishment of the previously announced creation of the Hamsters Peace Corps.

And we decided that, in constant memory of the brave and never forgotten Hamsters that experimented the famous Hamster Sky Dive, we will keep this image.

Rest assured that we will succeed in protecting you, human users, from malevolent attacks.

Following the successful preparation for the first transfer from stage6 offices to San Diego Naval base, to be executed during the stage6 IPO, we reached an agreement with the UN, finally recognizing that Hamsters, if considered as human nation-states, would be in the top ten states by population.

We wanted to give our contribution, and our well-known bravery has been called upon.

After training the paratroopers and setting up the Special Expeditionary Hamster Aquatic Liaison (SEHAL), we are preparing the Hamster Space Command, to be positioned at the military planning unit of the UN (known as unStrategicAirCommand, or UNSAC).

The task of our siblings will be to help expand Earth reach in the solar system and beyond, by sending our Hamsternauts in newly designed mini-spaceships first to Mars, and then Europa.

Suppliers are invited to design new equipment for our Hamster Space Command! Hamster Rules! "