A poem:
" Oh, thou Mighty Hamster
You, only light out of our stamp-size videos on some utube
You, that day after day keep the wheels on stage6 spinning,
Praise and macadamia nuts to the Mighty Hamster!
Do not let us go back to our video-less days!"

Yes- this praise is in order...

(sorry- I had to drink some water after all this boot-licking!)

I just have been informed that, while the United Hamster Front (UHF) admires http://stage6.divx.com/user/robo1969 robo1969 ingenuity in http://stage6.divx.com/Free-the-Hamster/blog/12738/ sending the town hall keys (a.k.a. prison) to the UHF liaison officer, the UHF graciously extends on us the Grace of His Great Leader by divulging some until now really confidential information.

The keys are unneeded- because it is us, the human users and post-prone humans, who are the real prisoners in stage6: it is so addictive, that once you start attending regularly, it feels like if you have always been there!

So, the UHF graciously extends on us its mercy- by granting us the right to be without access to stage6 once in a while- so that we have time to ponder how sad and gloomy was life before the Mighty Hamster delivered us from ignorance, postage-stamp videos and advertisement-clad communities

Hamster rules!