The UHF (United Hamster Front) is pleased to announce that our karmic friend Bingcherries has been given a reprieve after atoning for his posting of a music video subject to DMCA.

Moreover, in a show of swift hamster justice, thanks to the notification from members of this community, Divo and gtz dealt in few hours with a two-leg (see Animal Farm we cannot consider this a member of the community) that wasn't simply misbehaving- was harassing and threatening a member (and who knows how many did not report).

The name of the guilty member is not to be said or written.

To celebrate the outpouring of communication between members of community and members of the staff, we invite everybody to our turn-the-wheel week-end.

Every human attending will have the chance to enjoy replacing for a few hours one of our fellow hamsters powering stage6 :-)

Do not miss your chance to show your support to the Mighty Hamster!

Hamster rules!