This is the 30th anniversary of Monty Python

To mark the event, somebody in the Ministry of Broadcasting decided to re-read 1984 and Animal Farm


The UHF (United Hamster Front) is skeptical, but is currently re-assessing its willingness to remove the "two legs bad, four legs good" from the UHF policy.

This will allow fellow hamsters to entertain limited activities for the common hamster good, also when humans are involved.

So, the new policy is "most two legs bad, four legs good, ask UHF" :-)

In the spirit of cooperation, we, UHF, ask all our fellow hamsters to be vigilant and report to the Broadcasting Ministry (formerly known as Ministry of Truth) and the Ministry of Common Wealth (formerly known as Ministry of Endless Joy) any suspicious material posted in stage6.

We are proud to announce that this new policy is already producing results, with some two legs and few, misguided, hamsters unveiled as potential threats to the Hamsters common good.

We will allow them to be re-educated, before being forced to banish them...

Due to the new workload resulting to our more vigilant attitude, sometimes our fellow hamsters will have to relax.

While generally marked as "feeding", now we are really holding information classes for Hamsters and two legs.

Hamster rules!

for you two legs out there- if you post material, check that it is yours or not copyrighted or that the copyrights are expired.

if so, clearly say "public domain" or "my own material" while posting

we at UHF do not understand all this obsessions of male humans with sex, but for the time being we will let it go...