Three centuries in a month and moving forward: #Italy, #EU, and #COVID19

as you probably saw, it has been a couple of months since the most recent article.

I had planned to keep this article short, but eventually it became a meta-layer on top of other articles that I posted online since 2015.

Focus of this "layer on top of other articles": you can see from the title...

Anyway, despite its length, it is mainly the kick-start of a work-in-progress, that will be developed through various media (I am also using the "lockdown" in Italy to update and add new skills, useful in analysis and research for cultural and organizational change), and other initiatives.

The common theme of what I have been working on during this quarantene is what you saw online since autumn 2019: data-centric, open data, democracy- all represented within the DataDemocracy section of this website.

On this website you can find few thousand pages (actually, a selection of what I started publishing while living in Brussels in 2007, some material now offline will return in another format), so I selected slightly more than 120 pages, spread across slightly more than a dozen of articles over four years, to focus the discussion.

This article "per se" is divided in twelve sections- starting, of course, with a preamble.