Data Democracy

The concept behind this portfolio?

We have more data than we can digest, track, manage, access.

Moreover, those who could both derive benefits and contribute to extract value from data usually do not have access to the tools and skills needed.

Anyway, there is plenty of OpenData, released both by the public sector for transparency, and the private sector both for compliance and as "enablers".

Actually, whatever its source, OpenData are enablers, that allow unknown and unrelated third parties to contribute back analysis (and, directly or indirectly, contribute to improve products and services).

Specifically, analysis that requires a different mindset from that available within the organizational walls.

I called this approach Data democracy, and the first example was what I shared in August 2018, as a "beta test", a page and website to use my online publication as a sample, using a search by tag cloud approach (you can read a description below, Case 00).

If interested, you can find more details on the rationale underlying Data democracy in this minisite.

Each article in this section covers a different case study.

Aims: to "democratize access to data".

Each "case" will contain a different "shape", or "source"- in some cases with data analysis and visualizations.

Whenever there will be additional/interim documentation or data, will be published also on my profile either Github or, or both (sources will be always acknowledged and data transformations and formatting documented).