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  • Expo2015Diaries

    #Expo2015Diaries: the century of the commons

    Drafting segments for a book, to share some ideas and concepts

    If you want to contact me, I can be reached on facebook.com/berlindiaries

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  • United Hamster Front


    It all came out of a creative writing on www.stage6.com (formerly stage6.divx.com): anytime they do maintenance, they post a message that they are feeding the Hamster (capital H, always).

    But the pervasive role of Hamsters in our Western culture is well know.

    Do you remember the dancing hamster video, at the end of the 1990s?

    There was an high maintenance time in early 2007 on stage6.divx.com, and I publicly worried about the well being of overfed Hamsters, as a way to defuse the piling up of insults on those who were, in the end, giving us a free service (any DivX device came back then with a sticker inviting to use stage6.divx.com).

    And then, I invented the United Hamster Front, following the example of Le Carre's "silent opposition" in "The Tailor of Panama" :-) and some studies I had done in the past (yes, weird, I know, but needed) and then... a new world come out.

    I started inventing stories that linked crazy hamster toys I found on-line into new machines (like: the new hamster-powered encryption machine associated with an hamster wheel and a lava lamp).

    Then a poor parachuting-without-parachute of an hamster spurned me to create an hamster army (or harmy)...

    The sky's the limit- and, as somebody taller than me once (almost) wrote: there are more things in the sky than in any philosophy we can concoct :-)

    Last I know, the UHF is negotiating to take over a former military base in San Diego, California :-), before going on to... take (temporarily) over the Arctic and Antarctic :-)

    For the time being, what you will see here is what was published in 2007-2008, but this material will be backdrop for my Expo2015 book on management of the commons.

    If you want to contact me, I can be reached on facebook.com/berlindiaries


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  • Business books

    For each book additional presentation material is posted on Issuu and on Slideshare ("#BerlinDiaries: a personal journey through the new nervous centre of Europe v2.0" can be downloaded from Slideshare, available on paper on Amazon), and the links are provided within the section for each book in the table below

    Additional material (including further presentation and mini-courses) is currently under development- please contact on Linkedin, Twitter, or facebook.com/berlindiaries if interested.

    Curious about how many people read the material across the various websites and social networks?

    Follow or contact me on Linkedin, should you be interested in receiving updates on new publications, release of updates, etc.

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  • Books blog

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  • Rethinking Organizations

    The articles in this section of my website started in March 2018, under the Italian title "Business 4.0 e nuovi modelli di business" (i.e. "Business 4.0 and new business models"). with bilingual activities.

    The purely current political and business affairs commentary was always within another section (EU, Italy, Turin), initially in Italian, but eventually first bilingual, then in English.

    Therefore, eventually this section too became "Rethinking Business", with articles published only in English.

    As in December 2019 the first article in this section got close to 10,000 readers, I considered how to refocus following feed-back, and the new title is "Rethinking organizations".

    The reason? As I wrote repeatedly online since 2003, and blogging since 2007, the dichotomy between business and society, or business and politics, was something that I never found a workable concept, at least since my first activities in politics and business in Italy and abroad since the early 1980s, even after in the mid-1980s I stopped being "organizationally active" in politics and focused on business (with a political awareness, as anyway was on using technology for management support and then cultural and organizational change).

    Nowadays, a long-term sustainable use of resources (natural, human, financial) requires a continuous consensus building between all the actors involved or potentially involved.

    I do not think that "stakeholders" still fits the current needs, as a concept, as most changes have to be considered as assigning roles to all the parties involved, and even customers or citizens now are to be part of the picture.

    If you want to contact me, I can be reached on facebook.com/berlindiaries or on Linkedin

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  • Suggested readings

    The books listed within this section are a segment of those that you can find on my LibraryThing profile.

    I selected only those that, in my opinion, for different reasons deserved 3.5 start or more, and this is just a sample.

    Along with reviews, I will gradually add also links to additional outline material, when available.

    You can contact me on either Linkedin or facebook.com/berlindiaries with suggestions of books from my LibraryThing online catalog (over 1500 books) that you would like to see reviewed (or whose outline you would like to read).

    These are the key concepts discussed in this website:

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  • ConnectingTheDots scrapbook

    If you ever attended one of my training or presentation sessions, or read one of my posts or books, probably you know that I like to quote from a variety of sources.

    Cultural and organizational change are multidisciplinary by definition, and in our times I think that I am not the only one thinking visually.

    Thinking visually implies that you connect the dots by connecting representations of concepts.

    And, often, a phrase from a shared cultural item (book, movie, song) could be the easiest and strongest memory tool to convey a message.

    So, as you can see I like to write- but within this playlist I will let images talk.

    You will find here the description, and within a YouTube playlist scenes from movies and other videos used as a background for short discussions about individual keywords and concepts related to change.

    Beware: these are my examples, few of many (more will be added in the future), so I do not even try to be politically correct or to please everybody.

    If you dislike something... just create your own playlist on your account listing what *you* associate with the same concept.


    If you want to contact me, I can be reached on facebook.com/berlindiaries or on Linkedin


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  • Data Democracy

    The concept behind this portfolio?

    We have more data than we can digest, track, manage, access.

    Moreover, those who could both derive benefits and contribute to extract value from data usually do not have access to the tools and skills needed.

    Anyway, there is plenty of OpenData, released both by the public sector for transparency, and the private sector both for compliance and as "enablers".

    Actually, whatever its source, OpenData are enablers, that allow unknown and unrelated third parties to contribute back analysis (and, directly or indirectly, contribute to improve products and services).

    Specifically, analysis that requires a different mindset from that available within the organizational walls.

    I called this approach Data democracy, and the first example was what I shared in August 2018, as a "beta test", a page and website to use my BusinessFitnessMagazine.com online publication as a sample, using a search by tag cloud approach (you can read a description below, Case 00).

    If interested, you can find more details on the rationale underlying Data democracy in this minisite.

    Each article in this section covers a different case study.

    Aims: to "democratize access to data".

    Each "case" will contain a different "shape", or "source"- in some cases with data analysis and visualizations.

    Whenever there will be additional/interim documentation or data, will be published also on my profile either Github or Kaggle.com, or both (sources will be always acknowledged and data transformations and formatting documented).

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