BFM2013_1_00_Introduction – Improving the use and control

This first issue was focused on methods and solutions that could help in improving the way an organization accumulates knowledge, as a way to increase control on core processes, while reducing the use of external experts to where they can add value.

It is a simple statement, but a complex predicament. How do you convert this concept into something practical, without first dropping endless amounts of money into “knowledge management”?

Interestingly, some organizations that misused Knowledge Management tools and methodologies found themselves with an increased use of external consultancies, used by some organizational units as a way to circumvent rules that were applied only to internal knowledge production.

A caveat: what follows is a set of guidelines that could help to define your own roadmap or even blueprint of a “transformation programme”, but its feasibility is a function of two key elements: an understanding of your own corporate culture, and the clearness of the mandate that will be assigned to those involved- no amount of resources would deliver sustainable results without both of them.