Since the late 1980s, knowledge collection, structuring, dissemination had been part of my business activities and business roles.

While since first my relocation from London to Brussels in the early 2000s, then my re-registration in Italy in 2012 those activities had been mainly via articles and books (you can see a sample on my main website,, from 1998 I designed a different format, used online between 2003-2005 to publish as e-zine on change, more useful when you do not have direct interactions.

The approach was similar to the one I had used in designing and delivering training on methodologies and change, i.e. sharing first introductory material, and then adding self-learning and self-checking material.

There were three "relaunch" phases.

The first one, started in 2013 with publication of a book (see the "history" section), was temporarily shelved, along with other publications, in 2015 due to business incompatibilities.

The books published 2013-2015 were actually to build a "background library" to share as part of the new magazine.

You can read the "connecting the dots" series, as well as 200+ pages fictional case on a business compliance programme on here.

A second relaunching plan, part of a new company that I had created in 2018 to support some customers, was shelved due to budgetary constraints.

As the saying goes, there are no twos without threes.

The magazine format and plan is being redesigned to complement other publishing activities that you can follow on and on Twitter @changerulebook

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