If you ever attended one of my training or presentation sessions, or read one of my posts or books, probably you know that I like to quote from a variety of sources.

Cultural and organizational change are multidisciplinary by definition, and in our times I think that I am not the only one thinking visually.

Thinking visually implies that you connect the dots by connecting representations of concepts.

And, often, a phrase from a shared cultural item (book, movie, song) could be the easiest and strongest memory tool to convey a message.

So, as you can see I like to write- but within this playlist I will let images talk.

You will find here the description, and within a YouTube playlist scenes from movies and other videos used as a background for short discussions about individual keywords and concepts related to change.

Beware: these are my examples, few of many (more will be added in the future), so I do not even try to be politically correct or to please everybody.

If you dislike something... just create your own playlist on your account listing what *you* associate with the same concept.


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