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ConnectingTheDots series, vol. 04

This mini-book is focused on sharing notes from my attendance to events in Italy since early 2018, along with background material that I think might be useful for the target audience, and some connecting-the-dots organizational development ideas.

Furthermore, as I am currently based in Turin, I will use it as my reference example to discuss specific data and then move onto the usual “connecting-the-dots” (also if some of the information was actually collected in Milan, a mere 50 something minutes by high-speed train): adapt to your location if needed…

This short book (or extended essay) is just part of a series of collected thoughts and analysis.

Focus: the impact of social and technological change on traditional management practices.

Aim: to raise informed questions, not to provide answers

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This series has just a common thread: repeating that “connect experience and knowledge to initiate change” approach, but focusing each time on a specific issue.

(book published on 2018-07-15)