Online, there is no free meal- but plenty of temporarily not-so-expensive ones (if you don't consider the cost of your time).

Since the 1990s (e.g. on, where I was I think Paris/1974 or something like that), I did online what I used to do offline: before you run, walk.

Before you invest in a project on a new technology, find some way to test it at the lowest possible cost (again, on the Internet, this means often just spending your own time).

Over the last few months, I used as a repository for my information pages on my books a Drupal-based free hosting service, called "Drupalgardens".

As the new owner announced a phasing out from August 1 2016 of the free hosting service, as my aim was really to (re-)test Drupal after having some of my content-based websites using it in the late 2000s (up to designing a social network architecture and business model for a customer using Drupal for the free version, Sharepoint for the corporate one)... it is now the time to move.

So, my now is within my "knowledge portal".

Obviously, just in time for the summer (when usually I have some spare time to focus on my own knowledge-testing and expanding projects).

Therefore, see you online!