Why here and now

Few years ago decided to share here parts of the designs that I had developed since the early 1980s.

If you want to see an outline of the evolution, visit this YouTube video, or also this Slideshare infographic, but I plan to release soon a book (to be published under the Business Books section of my Knowledge sharing portal.

Why now? Because we constantly generate data, and in the 2020s anybody living in a developed economy will potentially turn into a consumer and provider of data.

On the Edge, within a smartcity, whatever we will do will be an opportunity to generate, trade, transact data, and embed them into our own choices.

Aim of those concepts, methods, processes, software tools, templates, etc?

To support activities in management consulting, cultural/organizational change, service and account management, negotiations/audits, and management reporting (DSS, BI, etc) for business customers.

Since 2012, I had to put on hold this “knowledge sharing plan” to avoid conflicts of interest while working in Italy on missions, resuming my revision in 2018.

Currently I am preparing for new initiatives and roles for the 2020s, so it seemed to be the best time to resume the knowledge and solutions sharing activities.

1980s concepts and 1990s/2000s database conceptual models obviously survived the test of time better than software components.

So, for the time being, I will start by sharing the former- and soon will also release a book discussing some of the applications that I did in the past using the concepts and database conceptual model.

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